Hey, guys make your bookings/reservations on call 0308 2954181. Please only serious persons should contact. Make sure to read terms and conditions before call.


28 thoughts on “Feedbacks

  1. Well when u advertise as independent and a male voice answers ur phone, ppl r bound to question ur authenticity. Anyway u may not be fake but u r over priced, when one can get an elite escorts for 40k/nite, u r not doing much favors to urself with 15k /hr price tag, unless that includes anal and cim. Heck, Ur other add on locanto even offers chick for 25k/nite, so the independent working part is indeed fake


  2. I booked an appointment with her today and she was wild and crazy. I enjoyed a lot with her and had such a amazing experience which is unforgettable for her and myself.
    Another thing guys rumours are wrong everything went well for me and the place is completely safe and secure.

    Thumbs up to this wonderful lady :*


  3. I had experience with that wonder Lady. Tag of 15 K looked to high for short meeting . I conveyed her. But after long session I am full convinced that its worth to spend time with her. What a lady GF experience She is highly cooperative and enjoys sex not just rubber doll performing duty or Job.
    Thanks Sumaira Once again


  4. Hi,
    The rumors about her are wrong. I had a great experience with her which is unforgettable. Everything about her is just perfect. I had sessions with her two consecutive days. She is too good in bed and to get along with.
    Beautiful and polite lady with great assets. She gives me all comfort and tolerates my aggression on the bed well. For sure I would love to meet her again and again.


  5. She is nice, beautiful, very cooprative, overall it was good experience with her. more than anything she was best in bed, you won't have single minute wasted. That's what i have experienced with her.


  6. She is the best i ever had, and i've travelled more than 5 countries. charges seem to be a bit high but once u visit her they wont seem to high. she is very gud in bed and she is not at all in any hurry.


  7. I enjoyed a lot with Sumaira today. She is very nice and cooperative. The time which I spent with her she doesn't tries to feel me that I met her first time. Even,I was thinking that she is like my loving and careable girlfriend. Moreover, I would like to say about her that she gave me a nice company and when we went to bed she met me with her own good and thirsty feelings not as formal.
    Furthermore,I am mentioning here that she knows how to give heart full pleasure and how to take it from man.This gaves full satisfaction to me and I think to her as well because both of us were much happy when we left at the end.


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